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Programmable Logic Controllers: Basic and Advanced Applications

Course Dates
21-25 April 2019

This course is located in Doha, Qatar at the Texas A&M University at Qatar Engineering Building

Course Overview
The objective of this course is to teach engineers and technicians how to use and program programmable logic controllers (PLCs). The course introduces participants to the Ladder Logic progressively and provide opportunities for the participants to practice on real systems from automated factories to robotic systems. After completing this course, the participants will be able to program any PLC effectively to control a given process.

Course Outline
• Overview of PLCs
• A detailed example on how to program a PLC
• Workshop 1: Logic Exercise
• Basic instructions
• Registers and shift registers
• Number systems and codes
• Fundamentals of logic
• Workshop 2: Introduction to Siemens PLC
• Timers
• Counters
• Data manipulation
• Math instructions
• Workshop 3: Hands on experiment using the Siemens PLC-SIM and Step 7
• Logic Exercises
• Workshop 4: Hands on experience using PLC simulator (programming washing machine, vending machine, traffic lights,.. )
• Logic Exercises
• Workshop 5: Hands on experience using the Flexible Manufacturing System at MEEN- TAMUQ

Learning Outcome
After the completion of the course, participants will be able to:
• Program in ladder logic
• Control automated processes using PLCs
• Automate manufacturing and production processes

Who Should Attend
This course is highly beneficial for technicians and engineers working in the manufacturing industry and in the oil and gas industry.

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