Welcome to the Product Quality Cleaning Workshops Online Store. We are offering sponsorships in addition to our attendee registration. The event will include
a two-day workshop of hands-on and in-class training on the following topics:

  • Regulatory agencies and their regulations
  • Flammability, toxicity, and reactivity of cleaning processes
  • Cleaning to specifications vs cleaning for quality
  • Process Choices: Solvent vs aqueous cleaning decisions
  • Process Chemistry: Solubility parameters and solvent selection
  • Mechanical Action: Scrubbing and ultrasonics (frequency and power)
  • Surface Checks: UV light, water break, dyne pens, and contact angle

Lunches and coffee breaks are provided.

Sponsoring vendors will have table tops and demos to inform you of their products.

For additional information on the workshop, please visit our website.

For additional information on sponsorships, please visit our sponsor page.

If you are interested in registering more than six attendees, please call 936-294-1529.

Product Quality Cleaning Workshops