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Welcome to the Bearkat Bucks Store.

I. PURPOSE OF ACCOUNT: The Bearkat Bucks Account is a declining balance account that can be used to purchase items at the following food locations: Old Main Market, South Paw, Paw Print, and the N. G. Library. The University reserves the right to alter prices, menu selections, hours of service, style of service, and areas of service.

II. USAGE: Access to this account can be made by presenting student's University ID card to the cashier. Only the student indicated on the University ID card may use the Bearkat Bucks funds deposited into that account. Student should report the loss of the University ID card immediately to the Bearkat OneCard Office. (Note: there is a replacement fee for all lost University ID cards).

III. DEPOSITS: Payment is required before Bearkat Bucks are added to the student’s account. A minimum charge of $25 is required to open a Bearkat Bucks Account. Any questions concerning the Bearkat Bucks Account should be directed to the Residence Life Office.

IV. CONTRACTED PERIOD: This Bearkat Bucks Account will be active until the end of the Summer session of the current academic year. At the end of the Summer session, any funds left in the account will be forfeited.

V. REFUNDS: Any funds deposited into the Bearkat Bucks Account are non-refundable.

Please select the dollar amount that you would like added to your account.

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