2024 BMB Summer Band Registration

The required BMB fee is $75.00 per person, which includes 1 Moisture wicking BMB T-shirt, 1 BMB cap, two sets of white gloves, a personal subscription to the Ultimate Drill Book App, and activity costs during summer band afternoon activities. **Disclaimer: This does not include regular meals for the week or water for rehearsals. You must provide those on your own.** If this is a first-time registration for the 2024 SHSU Marching Band season, please follow the instructions below. If you want to pay additional payments towards an existing registration, please click the "Back" button and go to the "2024 BMB fee - Additional Payments" page. Registration Instructions: 
[1] Enter the amount you want to pay. NOTE: A minimum of $20.00 is required to register; however, you are welcome to pay more or even pay in full. 
[2] Click 'Add To Cart.' 
[3] Complete the registration questions. All fields are required; therefore, if a question does not apply to you, please type 'N/A.' 
[4] Click 'Continue.' 
[5] Once the registration process is complete, review the shopping cart to ensure the information is correct. 
[6] Enter your email address and click 'Continue Unregistered.' 
[7] Fill out the payment information requested.