The Art of Teaching Music: NEW TEACHERS, Summer 2022

The Art of Teaching Music: NEW TEACHERS. The Art of Teaching Music for New Teachers is one of the tracks in The Art of Teaching Music workshop being held at Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Texas from June 13th - June 15th, 2022. If you register for the New Teacher track, do not also register for The Art of Teaching Music. The Art of Teaching Music is a workshop for band directors produced as a joint project of The Center for Music Education at Sam Houston State University and Young Educator Seminars of Southern Methodist University. This comprehensive event brings together teachers, performers, and students to explore teaching at the highest levels. Instrument pedagogy, ensemble rehearsal, advocacy, and musicianship will all be addressed. Participants may select offerings from all tracks. This is an intense, exciting, practical, and inspiring experience for both new and veteran teachers. One of the tracks in The Art of Teaching Music will focus on recent graduates who are beginning a teaching career. The "New Teacher" track is an ideal way to prepare for your first year to teach and to begin a successful career. It is also a terrific place to meet people in the profession and begin to develop a network of mentors and colleagues. Workshop cost $250.00.

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