HC 2050: Will the European Union Survive Brexit?

HC 2050: Will the European Union Survive Brexit?

Winter Break 2020

Dates: February 19 – March 1, 2020

This course is open to members of the Honors College.

Brexit has thrown the future of the European Union, and the European economy, into turmoil. How will businesses and government agencies on both sides of the divide cope with the chaos? Will Brexit spur a wave of further defections from the Union, or will the remaining members draw closer together?

We will visit Brussels and London, meeting with decision makers and industry leaders from throughout the public and private sectors in both locations.

The cost of $4,500 includes international airfare, transportation, accommodation and all activities in Belgium and the United Kingdom, and some meals.

Participants will enroll in HC 2050, a 4-credit winter semester course in the Honors College which fulfills the Global Perspective and Knowledge Applications general education requirements.

Deposit (non-refundable) (Due November 15, 2019)$500
First Installment (Due November 30, 2019)$1,000
Second Installment (Due December 15, 2019)$1,000
Third Installment (Due January 15, 2020)$1,000
Final Installment (Due February 15, 2020)$1,000
Total Program Charges$4,500

For more information, visit the HC 2050: Will the EU Survive Brexit website, or contact Professor Frank Cardimen by email at cardimen@oakland.edu.

Payments will be refundable only in the event of emergency or if the program is cancelled. Requests for refunds (except in the case of program cancellation) will be considered on an individual basis.