Immersive Italian Language in Trieste 2019

Immersive Italian Language in Trieste

June 2 - 23, 2019

This course is for students who have completed at least one semester of college-level Italian (i.e., IT 1140 or higher).

Live for three weeks in the beautiful seaside city of Trieste, Italy and develop your Italian language skills in an immersive environment. Students will study at the Università degli studi di Trieste while exploring the museums and historic sites of the city and learning about the culture, art, architecture and cuisine of northeast Italy.

Students will complete one four-credit course, either IT1150 Introduction to Italian Language and Culture II (for students who have completed only one prior semester of Italian) or ML2900 Italian Experiential Learning (for students with a more extensive background in Italian). Classes are taught by Ms. Caterina Pieri and begin on campus at OU on May 6. Students will then travel to Italy for the final three weeks of class.

The total of $1,150 includes accommodation in Trieste, cultural activities and museum tickets. Students will purchase their own airfare to Italy (the Friuli-Venezia Giulia Trieste Airport).

Deposit (Due by March 10, 2019)$300
Balance (Due by April 17, 2019)$850
Total Program Charges$1,150

For more information, contact Ms. Pieri by e-mail at, or visit the Immersive Italian in Trieste web page.

All payments are non-refundable.