Family Training, Please contact us at (970)255-2800 to set up the consultation

This training is specially designed to provide your family the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively respond to and navigate an emergency situation. This training is customized for you and your family and provided in the comfort of your own home. That's right we come to you! We will help you prepare for any perceivable dangers you and your family might encounter, including, but not limited to fire, flooding, home invasion, tornado, other natural disasters, emergencies, civil unrest, and mob situations. We will help your family identify risk factors for your area, help assign roles for each family member in the event of an emergency, give you knowledge on how to build a "bug out bag", identify safe locations inside the home, muster points both inside and outside the home, help your family set up key words to notify the rest of the family on what needs to be done, and much more! Each of these trainings must have a video consultation completed prior to scheduling and final pricing, as this training is customized to you and your family's specific needs. Please contact us to set up the consultation at (970)255-2800.

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