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Friday, March 9, 2018 & Saturday, March 10, 2018 - Mental Health Counseling & Rehabilitation Counseling Participants

Friday, March 23, 2018 & Saturday, March 24, 2018 - School Counseling Participants Only

Program Description

ASIST is a 2-day, 15-hour suicide intervention training that positions attendees to provide a life assisting intervention at the moment it is needed the most. Participants learn the PAL model (Pathway for Assisting Life), which has been adopted by the U.S. Armed Forces, the Centers for Disease Control, whole states, as well as used in crisis centers across the nation. Participants trained in ASIST report feeling more competent and confident to work with a person-at-risk of suicide (Griesbach et al., 2008; McAuliffe & Perry, 2007; Turley et al., 2000) and are found to have pre-post increases in suicide intervention skills, attitudes about suicide, and knowledge about suicide (Griesbach et al., 2008; Rodgers, 2010; Shannonhouse, Lin, Shaw, & Porter, in press; Turley, Pullen, Thomas, & Rolfe, 2000). ASIST aims to enhance a caregiver’s abilities to help a person at risk avoid suicide, and it values the experiences and contributions that participants bring and encourages people to share actively in the learning process. This program encourages honest, open and direct talk about suicide

ADA Accommodations

Accommodations will be made in accordance with the law. If you require ADA accommodations please contact Katie Lowry (404-413-8012) at least two weeks before the conference date so arrangements can be made.

Further Questions

Contact Katie Lowry at 404-413-4144 or visit our website at

Department of Counseling & Psychological Services

College of Education & Human Development, Georgia State University

30 Pryor Street, SW, Suite 950

Atlanta, GA 30303

Phone: 404-413-8012 / Fax: 404-413-8013

Due to standardized training procedures, a max of 30 registrants can be included.

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Suicide 2 Hope Training

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Cancellations must be received in writing seven days prior to the workshop and are subject to a $25 processing fee.