The EVVY Awards is made up of over 300 students who collaborate to create the nation’s largest student-run, multi-camera, live award show in the nation, judged by industry professionals. The EVVYs is a platform to highlight outstanding student work and celebrate the artistic vision of all Emersonians.

As we approach our 40th year of the EVVYs, we are working hard to create a safe, entertaining show for these unprecedented times. Putting on a show of epic proportions requires hard work in numerous departments by hundreds of Emerson students. Together, we plan and create this hallmark show from the beginning through the end.


The EVVYs have been supported for four decades because of people like you! With the help we receive from your donation, we’re able to create a fantastic platform to showcase the superb work created by the students in our Emerson community. If you’re interested in donating, please check out the information below to find out how you can help!

EVVY Awards Store