Read, New England

Read, New England is aligned to the mission and vision of Drexel University’s SoE in the provision of knowledge and practice through microcredentials (MC’s). Micro-credentials are a form of professional development that break down a scholarly topic or general skill into its discrete parts. Further MC’s require a demonstration of competency in each discrete segment of that general skill via a portfolio or performance assessment. Once competency has been demonstrated an MC in that discrete segment of the general skill or scholarly topic is awarded.  Individual MC’s are then “stacked” to collectively represent a proven body of knowledge on a particular scholarly topic or general skill. Micro-credentials elevate the outcomes of their earners; as they not only learn about discrete embedded skills within a scholarly topic but they also must apply the skill in their practice and demonstrate their pedagogical growth as a result.

Read, New England in partnership with Drexel University’s School of Education present the following microcredentials. Participants have two options for engagement. Option 1 requires the submission of a portfolio that meets the rubric for demonstration of competency earning the participant that individual microcredential.  Option 2 allows participants to audit this unit of study and does not require a portfolio submission nor does it award a microcredential.

  • Micro. 1- Brain Science and Reading


    $250.00 - $500.00
    (depends on options selected)