Leading Through Precarity

Leading through precarity requires testing of principles, and modeling a mindset through systems thinking. In three synchronous action-packed sessions, be part of the early leader cohorts to get access to practice the final ‘Flux 5.’

Developed, tested, and refined with cross-sector leaders and organizations, the Flux 5 approach is foundational for you to:
• Engage rapid change and emergent challenges with leader learning agility
• Transform and humanize core organizational processes, teams, and yourself
• Read nuanced internal realities through rapid-cycle inquiry
• Create an ethos of shared purpose, compassion, active listening
• Build racial literacy and norms for equitable organizations
• Apply and optimize entrepreneurial mindset and systems thinking
• Drive effective DEI initiatives and create brave spaces in a polarized environment

We will go deep into interpersonal and intrapersonal practices, processes, and learning approaches for reflexive self and organizational development.

Session Focus and DateSpecific Focal Areas
Session 1
June 22nd

➢ Radical Growth Mindset
➢ Systems Thinking for Equity
➢ Inquiry Stance
1. Radical growth mindset
2. Inquiry stance
3. Affect management
4. Self-awareness/impact on others
5. Modeling a “learner centered” organizational approach
Session 2
June 29th

➢ Racial Literacy and Co-Conspiratorial Leadership
➢ Racial Mindfulness
➢ Disrupting Whiteness through Brave Space Norming
1. Read, recast, and resolve racially stressful encounters and navigate identity-related stress
2. Decode racial subtexts, subcodes and scripts to accurately interpret the meaning-making of actors and actions in racially stressful encounters in organizations
3. Create the conditions to practice racial literacy and mindfulness so that participants experience interaction through an active racial empowerment framework
Week of July 6th

Facilitated Group Work
Racial Literacy Practice: Calculate, Locate, Communicate, Breathe & Exhale (CLCBE)

Systems Thinking Practice/Five Lenses Entrepreneurial Mindset Profile (EMP)
Session 3
July 13th

➢ Leader Grounding and Transcendence
➢ Entrepreneurial Mindset
➢ Distributed Wisdom
1. Culturally responsive schooling structures and processes
2. Emergent design class structures and curricula
3. Resonant communication structures for meetings and learning spaces
4. Maximally supportive professional development session

Times, dates, location:
June 22, 2022 4:30-7:00pm EST
June 29, 2022 4:30-7:00pm EST
Week of July 6, 2022 Asynchronous
Jul 13, 2022 4:30-7:00pm EST

Primary Contacts:
Liza Herzog: lzh55@drexel.edu
School of Education Office of Lifelong Learning: o3l@drexel.edu