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Global Studies & Modern Languages

This policy outlines the financial liability of students when they withdraw from the Global Studies & Modern Languages CBL course “GST 231: Disaster and Resilience in Puerto Rico.” In the case that a student has a change of plans for unexpected personal, academic, or family circumstances, they are permitted to withdraw their application before acceptance, decline their acceptance into the program, or withdraw from the program after confirming their acceptance.

Definition of Non-Recoverable Costs
A non-recoverable cost is defined as any amount that has been paid out to a vendor on a student’s behalf for their participation in the program. Non-recoverable costs for this program include program provider fees, hotel and restaurant deposits, and administrative fees. Drexel is not responsible for the cost of airfare, visas, housing or any other expenses incurred by the student.

Once accepted into a program, students are not permitted to postpone or defer their acceptance to a later term. Students who decide to delay their participation must re-apply for the new intended term. Program fees are non-transferable to another program or term.

Students must by submit an online $500 non-refundable deposit at the time of application. All deposits are non-refundable unless the student declines their acceptance in writing within one week of acceptance, or if they are denied final acceptance by Drexel or the program provider.

Students who withdraw after committing to “GST 231: Disaster and Resilience in Puerto Rico” are responsible for all scheduled program fee payments as outlined in the program information page as well as non-recoverable costs, regardless of time of withdrawal. Unless Drexel has officially cancelled the program, students are responsible for all costs related to withdrawal.

Drexel tuition refunds
Tuition fees are separate from program fees and follow a different refund and payment schedule. For information contact Drexel Central. No refunds will be granted on a per-class basis.

Credit load
Undergraduate students must leave 3 credits for this course in their credit load when registering for the corresponding term, or they will be billed for each credit exceeding the 20-credit maximum.

In submitting my deposit payment, I agree that I have read the refund policy above and understand its implications.