Narrative Painting

The Bo Bartlett Center is offering an ONLINE ART ACADEMY for ALL AGES. The class consists of 2-3 hours of pre-recorded videos. Students are welcome to move at their own pace, whether they follow the day by day structure, watch everything at once, or simply work when they have time. Students can either follow along with the video or watch the demonstration and then try it on their own. Each week of videos will be posted on the website on separate pages, with registrants receiving a code to access the classes. A list of reference images and other resources and examples will also be posted on the website. Each class will have its own materials list, and for the ones with painting, parents will be able to choose oil or acrylic according to what would be best for their student. The instructor’s email will be available to registrants so they can ask for help or questions as they go. There is also a student gallery on Instagram (@bobartlettcenterartacademy) so participants can send the work they complete to the instructor. With permission, their work will be posted with the rest of the group. The instructor will be available for scheduled 20 minute personal critiques with each registrant, so they can be helped on an individual level when they are ready.

Julianna Wells is an American artist who lives and works in Columbus, Georgia. She completed her MFA degree at the New York Academy of Art with a focus in drawing and painting. She holds a BFA from Columbus State University and has received various scholarships and accolades throughout her time as an emerging artist. Capturing quiet moments of reflection and introspection in her work, Wells captures the delicate interaction of our environments and inner psychological and emotional states


Narrative Painting – How to develop a painting idea from beginning to end
Day 1 - Composition and perspective - how to develop ideas for a painting
Day 2- How to take reference photos and edit them, make drawing and painting studies for painting idea
Day 3 - How to transfer your idea to your larger painting and begin underpainting
Day 4 - Developing the painting
Day 5 - Personal critiques

$75 per week.