Cry Joy Park Handkerchief Set

Created for the 2019 Halsey Institute exhibition Cry Joy Park--Gardens of Dark and Light by Jennifer Wen Ma.

These printed editions consist of two sets of panels, one in dark hues and one light in tone, creating a diptych. Printed on fabric and created in tandem with a series of thematic dinners within Cry Joy Park––Gardens of Dark and Light, they evoke banners or hanging tapestries often present at traditional feasts.

Graphic elements within the diptychs are borrowed from the sculptural landscapes created in the Cry Joy Park series, using the artist’s signature laser-cut honeycomb structures. The landscapes each vary, the dark image distinctly dense and compressed, while the light one is much more open and airy. Following a rich tradition of Chinese landscape painting, the artist borrows compositional structure from old masters of the Northern Song Dynasty, such as Travelers among Mountains and Streams by Fan Kuan, and Early Spring by Guo Xi. This traversing of art historical language is indicative of the artist’s longstanding interest in placing traditional aesthetic philosophies into contemporary discourse via her signature visual language.

Digital prints on high quality poly-georgette and hand-hemmed in New York City, these limited editions could be hung as tapestries, mounted in a frame, or worn as scarves.
Available as a full set ($300) and individual prints ($50).
Dimensions: 18 x 18 inches

Prices range from $50.00 to $300.00 (price depends on options selected)