Corrie McCallum: Take Note

Foreward by Thomas W. Styron with poem by Corrie McCallum. Essay by Martha R. Severens.
Published by Greenville County Museum of Art (2004).
Hardcover with slipcase.
68 pages.
ISBN 0960324682
$20.00 + shipping and handling.

William Halsey (1915-1999) lived in Charleston, South Carolina, for most of his life. Unlike most resident artists who preceded him and many who followed, Halsey did not paint picturesque scenes of his native city. Halsey was a modernist in a city known for its traditional beauty and romance. In this visual arts irony, he found his inspiration. This catalog celebrates his life and legacy.

In 2003 Charleston artist Corrie McCallum (1914-2009) was honored with the Elizabeth O'Neill Verner Governor's Award for Lifetime Achievement in the Arts, South Carolina's highest public honor for those who have contributed to the cultural enrichment of the state. As demonstrated in this lovely catalog, McCallum's variety and quality of work attests to her significant artistic achievements as a painter and printmaker. A author, educator, wife, and mother, McCallum was multitasking long before it was fashionable. Her dedication to her husband, Charleston artist William Halsey, and to their children was a commitment that often compromised a full appreciation of her own art during her sixty-year marriage.

In Corrie McCallum: Take Note, her work comes alive with images that exemplify her understated range of ability and talents. Ranging from oil on canvas to color woodblock to lithograph to casein to ink, she depicts the enthusiasm and vibrancy found in her everyday surroundings.

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