Jiha Moon: Double Welcome, Most Everyone's Mad Here

Edited by Mark Sloan, with essays by Amy Moorefield and Lilly Wei. Interview with the artist by Rachel Reese.
Published by the Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art (2017).
Hardcover with jacket.
96 pages.
ISBN 9781532326820
$24.95 + shipping and handling.

Featuring over 50 works by multi-media artist Jiha Moon (Korean, Born 1973), this publication examines the rich cultural context in which the artist works. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Moon harvests cultural elements native to Korea, Japan, and China and then unites them with Western elements to investigate the multi-faceted nature of our current global identity as influenced by popular culture, technology, racial perceptions, and folklore. Moon blurs the lines between Western and Eastern identified iconography such as the characters from the online game Angry Birds and smart phone Emojis. They float alongside Asian tigers, Aztec warriors, and Indian gods in compositions that appear both familiar and foreign, ancient and modern.

The exhibition on which this catalogue is based, Double Welcome: Most Everyone’s Mad Here, was organized by the Taubman Museum of Art, Roanoke, Virginia in collaboration with the Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art. The exhibition is curated by Amy G. Moorefield, Deputy Director of Exhibitions and Collections at the Taubman Museum of Art and Mark Sloan, Director and Chief Curator of the Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art. Double Welcome debuted at the Taubman Museum of Art in May 2015 and at the Halsey Institute in October 2015, before taking off on a years long national tour.

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