Patricia Boinest Potter: Patterns of Place

Edited with text by Mark Sloan. Essay by Lucy Lippard. Photographs by Claire Boscher, with artist commentary by Patricia Boinest Potter.
Published by the Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art (2015).
120 pages.
ISBN 9781467574488
$29.95 + shipping and handling.

Patricia Boinest Potter: Patterns of Place was published on the occasion of the eponymous exhibition at the Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art in 2015. Potter creates enigmatic artworks in the form of three-dimensional maps that she refers to as "Isomorphic Map Tables" and "1:1 Map Insets". Ostensibly representing a one-hundred-mile stretch of northern Alabama, these works also expand outward to the cosmos, then inward again into the dark energy of particle physics.

Charleston, South Carolina born, and longtime resident of Anniston, Alabama, Potter has developed her own art-making techniques in relative isolation, informed by her extensive background in architecture. Through the development of these idiosyncratic techniques, she has found ways to give unique expression to the ideas that animate her. Because her work does not look like any other art that has been created before, it may prove somewhat difficult to comprehend upon first viewing. It is only through sustained engagement with these poetic enclosures that the mind adjusts to the rhythms and textures presented within, and suggested without.

The catalogue includes essays by Mark Sloan and Lucy Lippard, and images of Potter's work accompanied by artist commentary.

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