CPR Pocket Mask

The CPR Mask is designed to be used by a wide range of rescuers. From the trained medical professional to the first responder, the CPR Mask offers excellent protection for both the rescuer and victim.

The CPR Mask provides a physical barrier between the rescuer and victim, eliminating direct contact of the rescuer’s lips with an unknown subject. The mask utilizes a disposable one way valve with incorporated hydrophobic filter media helping to prevent the passage of liquids and secretions.

The soft pliable inflated cuff on the mask aids in creating a proper mask seal. The clear mask dome allows the rescuer to view the patent’s lip and skin color while also being able to check for vomit and secretions. Supplemental oxygen can be delivered during ventilation, or to the spontaneously breathing patient, through the enrichment port on the mask.

The CPR Mask compact size and durable clam shell storage case allow the device to be stored where the rescuer needs it most...close at hand. Whether it’s in a pocket, desk, glove compartment, airway bag or crash cart, it’s good to know you have a Spiracle CPR Mask at hand for an emergency requiring CPR.

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