Registration-Crazyhorse Writers Conference

Registration-Crazyhorse Writers Conference
Set on the campus of one of the most beautiful and historic colleges in America, and home to one of the most influential and important literary magazines of the last fifty years, the Crazyhorse Writers Conference at The College of Charleston is a gathering of literary artists whose works have been celebrated far and wide, and whose voices are as varied and rich as a conference can boast. In the intimate atmosphere of this historic American city, participants will be certain to find in the architecture and flora, in the food and vistas, and especially in the literature presented, workshops held, and writing lives discussed, an unforgettable time of learning and culture. Poetry Faculty: Scott Cairns, Emily Rosko Prose Faculty: Anthony Johnson, Patricia Hampl, Bret Lott, Anthony Varallo, Jonathan Bohr Heinen Special Guest: C. Michael Curtis, fiction editor of The Atlantic

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