Accessibility Series

Accessibility Series - Introduction to Accessibility, Intermediate Accessibility & Advanced Accessibility

Date: Open Enrollment

Cost: $135 for series

Introduction to Accessibility: This workshop introduces participants to accessibility guidelines set forth in WCAG 2.0. Participants will be introduced to the standards and how to implement some of those standards to make LMS pages and webpages more accessible for all students. Topics presented include: introduction to Section 508 and WCAG 2.0, creating correct alternate text and using formatting and page structure to increase accessibility.

Intermediate Accessibility: This workshop provides information and practice with making files more accessible to students and the basics of video captioning. Topics include: testing Word and PowerPoint files for accessibility, fixing errors in Word and PowerPoint files, testing PDF files for accessibility, creating accessible PDF files, and captioning personal and public videos.

Advanced Accessibility: This workshop guides participants through reviewing online course materials for accessibility. Topics include: use of Chrome extensions to test accessibility and use the Butler review spreadsheet to identify accessibility needs.

Format: Delivered online, self-paced. Completion time varies based on individual skill level and pace. Coursework must be completed within one academic year (Fall/Spring/Summer). If work is not completed within the academic year, participant will be unenrolled and no refund given.