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Bucknell Digital Scholarship Conference

Bucknell Digital Scholarship Conference: "Looking Forward, Looking Back: The Evolution of Digital Scholarship."

October 6-8, 2017

This conference will bring together a broad community of practitioners–faculty, researchers, librarians, artists, educational technologists, students, administrators, and others–engaged in digital scholarship both in research and teaching who share an interest in the evolution of digital scholarship.

The theme “Looking Forward, Looking Back: The Evolution of Digital Scholarship” acknowledges the changes to scholarship wrought by the introduction of digital technologies across the disciplines. Now is an apt time to reflect upon how digital scholarship has evolved over the past decades and where it may head in the future. Scholars and teachers, poets and administrators, artists and community members, are encouraged to reflect on the past of digital scholarship and work together to build a future for digital scholarship.

Bucknell Digital Scholarship Conference

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