EV charging Subscription

EV Charging Subscription for
Elgin, Hays, Round Rock & San Gabriel Campuses

ACC now allows eligible employees and students to use EV charging stations at Elgin Campus, Hays Campus, Round Rock Campus and San Gabriel Campus at an affordable ‘PILOT’ rate of $25 for 6‐months of unlimited use. To be eligible for this program, you must be an ACC employee or registered student. This does not apply to other ACC Campuses nor Austin Energy Area charging stations. Once you complete this order, ACC staff will email you with the next steps.

The fine print:

(1) This promotional rate may change without notice.
(2) You are responsible for acquiring your Chargepoint card:

Chargepoint card: Click here to activate

(3) Your subscription will not automatically renew every 6 months. It is recommended that you submit your renewal purchase before your 6 months term expires,
(4) Limit one per person.