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I acknowledge and accept the schedule for refunds, should I withdraw from the program, and accept the penalties as follows:

The deposit is non-refundable
* Withdrawal prior to 2/15, student forfeits 25% of cost of trip minus the deposit.
* Withdrawal after 2/15 but prior to 03/15, student forfeits 50% of cost of trip minus deposit.
* Withdrawal after 3/15, student forfeits 100% of cost of trip.

Note: All withdrawals must complete the online withdrawal form in order for refunds to be processed. The date The Office of International Education receives the withdrawal is the date of the withdrawal.

All refunds shall be made by check and may take 6-8 weeks to process.

In addition, the program directors reserve the right to cancel this program at any time, with full refunds going to each applicant.