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Riddle of the Exporter Workshop

Interested in learning more about exporting globally? 

Register today to join fellow trade professional Elyse Eriksson, a Certified Global Business Professional, for this one day, interactive workshop, where you and other trade specialists will work in teams to help BettySue Export Queen export her Rattlesnake Olive Oil using Elyse's signature, easy-to-understand 8-step exporting process!

Elyse has a background in global trade and entrepreneurship, and she has built several small businesses that have been successful in the global marketplace. She has a vast amount of relevant experience, including training at the ASBDC Annual Conference, the Texas Economic Development Council and has served as the Director of Training at the International Trade Center at the Small Business Development Center in Dallas. Elyse earned her MBA in International Management and her master’s in Civic Affairs from the University of Dallas in Irving, and she received her bachelor’s in Design from the University of Texas at Austin.

The Riddle of the Exporter workshop will focus on 8 transformative steps, including:

  • Getting Started - Information to know before you go
  • Market Research - The number you have to know to export any product
  • Market Entry & Pricing - The Top 9 ways to enter foreign markets
  • Legal-Contracts & IP - Protecting what is important: intellectual property and your pocketbook
  • Regulatory Compliance - Uncle Sam is watching you!
  • Transportation - Meet your new BFF: Freight Forwarder
  • Payments & Finance - Analyze risk and ways to mitigate it
  • Cultural Considerations - Don't flunk lunch!

This seminar is perfect for both those new to exporting as well as those with years of experience! 

Click the icons at the bottom of this page to reserve your spot for $99 through early-bird registration until Aug. 24, when the price increases to $139. Registration will remain open until Wednesday, Sept 18. As part of your registration fee, you will get to meet BettySue Export Queen and receive a workbook (a $49 value), an activity guide and a boxed lunch (chosen at checkout). Students studying global trade or entrepreneurship and have an interest in global trade or exporting can register with a valid university email address for $49. Spots are limited and given on a first-come, first-serve basis. The event will be held on the OSU-Tulsa campus in the BS Roberts Room in the North Hall building, which is located at 700 N Greenwood Ave., Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Don't miss out on this great opportunity to learn from BettySue Export Queen herself and network with Oklahoma trade professionals! 

**Due to high security measures to prevent fraudulent charges, the system might reject a company credit card with any mismatched information. Please ensure your name and address are input 100% correct before trying a different card.  

Event Details

The Riddle of the Exporter Workshop by Elyse Eriksson, CGBP
Tuesday, Sept. 24, 2019
9 a.m. to 4 p.m. (Registration 8:30 a.m.) 
B.S. Roberts Room on the OSU-Tulsa Campus
700 N Greenwood Ave., Tulsa, OK

Parking is free. View a campus and parking map at https://tulsa.okstate.edu/map.
This workshop is put on through a collaboration with the Tulsa Global Alliance, Commerce Bank and the OSU School of Global Studies and Partnerships.

What others are saying about The Riddle of the Exporter workshop and BettySue Export Queen: 

“As the owner of a company that exports over 50% of its sales, I wish I had seen this presentation 20 years ago.”
- David P., Plastronics in Irving, Texas

“Betty Sue…it works! I hired Elyse to present the Riddle of the Exporter sight-unseen. We hosted 55 exporters of varying levels of experience and the real miracle--they ALL came back after lunch and participated even more enthusiastically. We received an unprecedented number of thank you emails for bringing Betty Sue to Montana to teach them a complicated topic in such a fun way. I cannot recommend it highly enough!”
- Angelyn DeYoung, International Trade Manager for the State of Montana (ExportMontana)

"As a business banker, I highly recommend attending The Riddle of the Exporter Seminar. The seminar is advertised toward new exporters; however, there is so much good information that even companies that have been exporting for years can benefit from The Riddle of the Exporter 8-step process. Most people would consider exporting a complex and "dry" topic, but Elyse made it fun, interactive and interesting. Her energy and enthusiasm about the benefits of exporting was contagious. I look forward to having her back.” 
- Bradley T., Citibank

“The word that best describes The Riddle of the Exporter workshop is ‘AWESOME’. Elyse's ability to imprint the knowledge and skills she's gained through her myriad of international trade experiences is literally ‘amazing!’ The role-play and other teaching strategies allowed the class representing a broad spectrum of professions, backgrounds and interests, including our small business community, to each gain new understandings and abilities that will benefit them professionally and personally. I would highly recommend this training and its trainer…well worth the investment of time and money! You won't regret a minute!” 
- Georgette F. Reyes, Pacific Islands Small Business Development Center Network in Guam 
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