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The following four brochures are 8.5x11", full-color brochures. They were designed to address the specific questions and concerns about different GHP applications that customers typically have. Space is provided on each one for your name, address, and telephone number as a source of further information about GHP systems.

Geothermal Heat Pumps: Opportunities for Architects, Engineers, and Building Owners (#12010) Weight: 4 lbs.

Targeting the building community, this brochure outlines geothermal opportunities for architects, engineers, and building owners. Replete with illustrations and charts, it covers GHP system benefits, how the systems work, designing for GHPs, and cost benefits of GHPs.

Making the Grade: Geothermal Heat Pumps in Schools (#12040) Weight: 4 lbs.

Designed to promote the use of GHPs in schools, this brochure addresses the benefits of geothermal heat pump systems in elementary, secondary, and post-secondary school buildings. It explains how a geothermal heat pump works, the advantages of the systems, and how GHPs are uniquely suited to school applications. This brochure is a valuable marketing tool for those interested in increasing the number of schools using geothermal technology.

Your Business from the Ground Up: GHPs for Commercial Applications (#12020) Weight: 4 lbs.

This brochure explains how a geothermal system works and the benefits received with a focus on commercial applications. Several examples of commercial buildings are featured with a brief explanation of the advantages gained by using a GHP system. A fully-integrated GHP system is also illustrated. This brochure is an excellent way to show the versatility of GHP systems to prospective clients.

Building a Future: GHPs in Residential Applications (#12030) Weight: 4 lbs.

An introduction to geothermal heat pump systems for homeowners, this brochure answers many questions a homeowner might have regarding efficiency, financing, environmental benefits, retrofitting, and more. Comments from utility companies, other homeowners, and contractors describe the experience they’ve had with their geothermal systems are given. A full explaination of how the geothermal system works, the efficiency of the system, and how it can save the homeowner money is also described.

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