E-995 Oklahomans Guide to Growing Fruits, Nuts & Vegetables

Understanding the basics of fruit, nut, and vegetable production in Oklahoma can be challenging. Production systems are very different for many horticultural crops compared to traditional agronomic row crops and sources of information can be difficult to find or interpret easily. The Oklahomans' Guide to Growing Fruits, Nuts, and Vegetables was created as an easy-to-use reference for growers, County Extension Educators, and others who want a quick guide for learning the basics of fruit, nut and vegetable production. Each section covers a variety of crops, and within those crops management issues such as varieties, roil preference, ideal growing conditions, establishment, fertilization, irrigation, pest management, harvest, shipping and storage conditions, and other helpful information are addressed specifically for Oklahoma growing areas, but can be applied to other states as well. We appreciate the feedback that we will receive from commercial growers, homeowners, and county educators throughout Oklahoma to improve this guide in the future.

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