Musicality of Language: Poetry Across Genres

This 4 week workshop will be January 14th, January 21st, January 28th and February 4th from 7:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. at OSU-Tulsa.

"Art hurts. Art urges voyages - and it is easier to stay at home." - Gwendolyn Brooks

Whether a print culture poet, spoken word/performance poet or rapper/emcee, a versatile command of language is the most important element of your craft. This workshop will explore a variety of modes and exercises to help writers enhance their tool kits in writing, revision and new approaches. Great ideas often emanate from unusual sources, from pop culture to old encyclopedias. We will explore unorthodox, as well as traditional, research methods to disrupt and challenge your normal, in an effort to inspire fresh ideas. Exploration of the balance of message and craft, and when & how & why to disrupt that balance, will be addressed. Athletes stretch. Writers also must stretch. If writers don’t continuously challenge themselves, whether it’s a thematic challenge or a craft challenge, we write the same poem repeatedly.

Instructor: Quraysh Ali Lansana