Intro to Beer and Malted Beverages - OSU Tulsa

Intro to Beer and Malted Beverages - OSU Tulsa
Credit Course: HTM 3101, CRN 31107

Non-Credit Students, 1 day only March 30th, 2019

Credit Students additional online work required

This course provides an overview of the history of beer, brewing process, styles, beer tasting, beer and food pairing, and the industry behind the business of beer. The knowledge gained from HTM3101 Intro to Beer and Malted Beverages is intended to offer enrollees a baseline understanding of malted beverages from an inside perspective. Your instructor will lecture from knowledge gained within the craft beer industry as a eight year plus veteran. (Must be 21.)

Instructor: Wes Alexander

Course Objectives:
- Objectively communicate the basic history of beer including defining a craft brewer
- Explain the general process behind brewing beer including an understanding of four basic ingredients
- Identify various beer styles and the two main classifications of beer, Ale and Lager
- Analyze beer and food pairing
- Offer a firm understanding behind the three-tier distribution system
- Demonstrate how to properly serve beer

Dates: Saturday March 30th, 2019
Time: 8:00 a.m.-5:00 pm

Room TBD

Proof of age required - must be 21.

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