Renewal Individual Membership

Individual Membership Renewal

General Changes

  • Each dues paying member will select one TIER and one SECTOR for their membership type under the new structure
  • Membership and certification are now 100% independent of each other and no longer linked except for a price reduction incentive when obtaining or holding both at the same time
  • All dues paying members now have voting rights, regardless of membership type
  • All participating IGSHPA committee members are now required to hold an individual or corporate membership from any sector
  • Recertification fees will be collected every three years along with accompanying CEU points
    • Current certification renewal requires 8 CEUs, but beginning at the end of your upcoming renewal (3 years from this renewal cycle), IGSHPA will require 9 CEUs

Certification and Membership Incentives

  • Certification will be independent of membership-meaning a member does not have to be IGSHPA certified to enjoy member benefits and a professional who is certified is not required to pay membership dues (only those fees associated with certification upkeep)
  • IGSHPA Certified Accredited Installers (AI) & Certified Geothermal Inspectors (CGI) will enjoy a reduced payment structure as follows:
    • $50 per year dues cost for Individual Tier membership renewal
    • $300 recertification fee every 3 years (along with required CEUs)
    • $450 total cost to renew membership and certification for 3 years all at once
  • Through industry partnerships, certain certification holders enjoy a reduced IGSHPA membership renewal fee of $50 per year for an Individual Tier membership:
    • AEE CGDs (Certified GeoExchange Designer)
    • NGWA CVCLDs (Certified Vertical Closed Loop Driller)

Please, complete the required Continuing Education Credit Form online at or visit for a downloadable form.

Points can be accumulated in the geothermal, drilling, or HVAC fields. OSHA training is also acceptable for education points. You generally have 4 points for your continued employment and 3 points for the membership in IGSHPA. If you are unable to accumulate the required eight (8) points or if you have questions contact:

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