Horse Science Academy

The Horse Science Academy is an intensive workshop for high school equivalent students. The event will be held in Stillwater, OK at the OSU Cline Equine Center on November 14th, 2020 at 8:30a.m.

Registration is $40 and is limited to 16 students. Lab notebook, supplies and lunch are included in the registration fee.


1. Anatomy of the equine athlete – Students gained a greater understanding of equine biology and what contributes to horses extreme athletic ability. We began with a short introduction to the equine cardiorespiratory system and then moved to a hands on laboratory session of comparative anatomy utilizing bovine and equine specimens.

2. Fitness assessment – The in class discussion covered assessment of equine fitness and exercise, followed by a hands on lab, where we performed data collection on horses undergoing a standardized exercise test. Students assisted in data collection including respiration rates, heart rates, temperatures and hematocrits. Students used their results to determine relative fitness of the horses.

3. Equine digestive anatomy– Following a brief lecture on the unique features of equine digestive anatomy, in teams, students built their own model of the equine digestive tract.

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