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The College of Arts and Sciences is partnering with Kaplan to provide test prep classes for the MCAT, DAT, OAT, LSAT, and GMAT at a 35% discount. Once purchased, students will have access to the materials for 12 months.

For MCAT, LSAT, and GMAT (online format)
To purchase one of these three test prep courses, you will first need to follow the appropriate link to find a specific online class you want to attend (each has different schedules - start date, stop date, days, times) and make note of the course code, start date and stop date.  DO NOT PURCHASE THE COURSE DIRECTLY FROM KAPLAN. Once you have identified your course preference, use the appropriate link below to purchase the access for the course you want. You will need to enter the course information as well as your contact information on the purchase page.

For DAT and OAT (limitless format)
To purchase one of these two prep courses, you can go directly to the link below to purchase the course you want. Since these are "drop in" style classes where you can pick and choose which class sessions to take and attend at your leisure, you do not need to identify a class code. You will enter your contact information on the purchase page.

**NOTE: Once you purchase the access for any of the prep tests, Winthrop will contact Kaplan and have you added to the program. You will then receive an email with instruction on how to access the course.

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