Exam Fundamentals USF Tampa Campus December 16, 2022

Date: December 16, 2022

Time: 1 pm - 3 pm

Location: USF Tampa Campus 4110 Apple Drive 411 EDU Tampa, FL 33620

Exam Affidavit:

  • By registering through this website you agree to the following terms. If for any reason you do not agree to these terms do not register for this exam. I hereby certify that I understand the secure and confidential nature of the examination, and swear or affirm that I will not reveal the contents to anyone. By my online registration, I affirm that I will abide by the rules of the examination. I understand that I must complete all the class hours before being eligible to take the exam. I hereby certify that I understand that the payment required for this examination is solely my responsibility. I acknowledge and agree that if my employer or any other entity or person that may have agreed to pay for me to take this exam fails to make timely and complete payment, I will be billed for said payment. I understand that if timely payment is not made, this account may be turned over to collection and I may be assessed additional collections costs.
  • EXAM REFUND POLICY:Request for refunds must be submitted in writing and received no later than one week prior to the first day of classes. In such cases, the registration fee, less a $15 administration charge, will be refunded. No requests for refunds will be honored after that date. Non-attendance does not constitute a withdrawal or refund.

Prices range from 100.00 to 150.00 (price depends on options selected)