TEC Training

Through the Eyes of the Child (TEC) Training Workshop
November 9-10, 2023   Virtual Course
Early Bird Registration: $545.00 through October 9, 2023
Regular Price $595.00

TEC is an intervention designed for experienced Parenting Coordinators and other Advanced Dispute Resolution (ADR) professionals who wish to learn more effective means of helping parents create a strong and safe co-parenting alliance by learning to take to heart the concerns and views of the other parent. Techniques focus on improving communication about child-related issues, conflict resolution, and sustained parenting involvement in the face of present and future post-divorce obstacles.

Modality: This is a virtual course and will be held online. Attendees will be required to sign in for each session in order to receive APA-credit for the course. Enrollment includes virtual training, all course materials, and reading list items. 

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