Reconnecting with Kids through the Five I's of Accomplished Teaching: The Overview

The Overview

With new demands facing educators it may be hard to remember why you became a teacher in the first place. You may feel pressured by new assessments, school report cards, standards, quality rating systems, funding or new teacher evaluations. While the pace of change may be overwhelming, ultimately, you know that connecting with and understanding children is what is important. This self-paced training decodes the research behind many educational reforms using an easy-to-understand framework based on the Five I's of Accomplished Teaching: Intentionality, Integration, Inclusion, Inquiry, and Innovation. This 5-contact-hour training spans across 4 weeks and provides opportunities to try out the Five I’s , examine your own practice, participate in a professional learning community and ultimately reconnect with kids.

Cost: $50
Dates: November 4 - 29