In Loving Memory of Julieta and Frank Staggs

Frank M. Staggs was a stalwart champion of the power of education to free minds and hearts, and a namesake supporter of the Texas A&M International University (TAMIU) Julieta and Frank Staggs Academy of International and STEM Studies.

He died at age 95 on Tuesday, December 20, 2022.

His friendship, partnership, and encouragement of all students, but especially “his kids” at the Staggs Academy honoring him and his late wife Juliet, is his legacy.

“His history as an educator was truly inspiring.  In his day, he would be your teacher, your coach, your principal, and sometimes even your bus driver.  His energies were always channeled into encouraging students to find their passion and to succeed. His support for and enthusiasm for elevating the importance of teachers and affirming students will always inspire us. He liked to say he had just been lucky in life, but we believe that the Staggs Academy, TAMIU, Laredo and South Texas were all lucky to have him in our shared lives”, said TAMIU President Dr. Pablo Arenaz.

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