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Department of Educational Leadership

The Educational Leadership Department is the largest graduate department at Texas A&M University-Commerce. The department houses two doctoral programs, six masters programs, one undergraduate program, nine certification programs, and two graduate certificate programs.

The department is dedicated to addressing the needs of its diverse student population through the offering of courses in modes that are mindful of time, geographic, and economic constraints placed on these students. In response to this obligation, a number of courses throughout the department have been modified to online or web-enhanced formats. Additional courses are adapted for online delivery where appropriate to maximize accessibility for students and to alleviate barriers restricting enrollment in traditional courses.

The Department of Educational Leadership graduates more than 400 students each year and produces more than 15,000 semester credit hours (SCH). Faculty utilize a variety of innovative teaching processes to reach a diversified student population across the state.

Texas A&M University-Commerce has the highest graduation rate among Texas public institutions for doctoral programs. The Department of Educational Leadership ranks at the top in Texas in the preparation of K-12 Principals and second in the state in the preparation of K-12 Superintendents (Black Issues News Alert for 8/02/05). The department also ranks second in the state in the preparation of College Presidents (Lumsden & Lothringer, 2001)


Department Of Educational Leadership