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We currently do not have plants for sale, please check back in the fall

The University Greenhouses are located off of Highway 24/50 on Country Road 4320. On site are the 2 greenhouses, headhouse, Hoophouse, demonstration gardens, and research beds. The facility is used by students and faculty to conduct research, participate in lab activities and engage in hands-on learning.

Each semester students enrolled in Horticulture and Plant & Soil Science classes grow various plants and crops in the university greenhouses. You can support these students and their learning by purchasing some of the items they have grown!

Plants are grown from various different propagation methods including seeds, plugs, cuttings, layers, and division. Each semester there is something new and different as students all like to try their “green thumb” at growing something they have never grown before!

For more information about the University Greenhouses please contact Erin Fortenberry, Greenhouse Manager.

Erin Fortenberry
Greenhouse Manager
Phone: (903)886-5202