Donation to the Regents Scholars Program

RSP students experience leadership skills development and training supervised by a nationally recognized staff. Included within this experience are opportunities for project conception, execution, and assessment. Students will develop close working relationships with University faculty and staff leading to a deep connection with the University and its mission.

Regents Scholars' academic program includes an international affairs and global awareness focus. Part of that focus is foreign language training and a travel component emphasizing experience of another culture while earning course credit and/or participating in service learning.

The most unique, life-changing aspect of this program is the opportunity for a study-abroad experience the summer after completing the junior year. Financed by a combination of scholarships, leadership projects, and service opportunities, these travel experiences earn students academic credit and a memorable foreign cultural experience.

As a part of both the leadership and travel aspects of the program, Regents' Scholars "give back" to the world, local community, and campus. Through academic, leadership and travel experiences students also gain knowledge, skills and insights valuable to future employers.