Locker Fee

NO LOCKERS big enough to fit tubas, euphoniums, trombones, french horns, and some alto instrument cases are available at this time.
This form is to request a hallway locker in the Music Building including lockers in the percussion area. Once you complete this form and paid the fee, you will receive a copy of a purchase receipt. Shortly afterwards, you will receive a second email from the music office with your locker assignment and lock combination. If the lock combination does not work, or if you have other issues regarding your locker assignment, come to the music office to talk with Mrs. Marilyn Martinez or email

Payment does not guarantee you a locker: you must be assigned a locker number by the Music Office

By requesting a locker and submitting this form, I agree to abide by the Music Department's Locker Policies described below. I understand that failure to comply may result in a revocation of my locker privaledges in the Music Building.

  • Lockers are issued to music majors and minors at the discretion of the department, primarily for storage of instruments, music, and other equipment pertaining to the Department of Music. You are responsible to report any damage to the music office and may be expected to pay for the repair or replacement if the locker is damaged due to negligence or misuse.
  • Lockers are usually issued prior to, or at the start of the fall semester, and are available during the fall and spring semesters. Lockers may be available during the summer semesters on a case-by-case basis, based on availability, justification, and at the discretion of the Department Head.
  • Unissued (empty) lockers may not be claimed or used by students without following official departmental procedures. Instruments or other equipment found in unissued lockers will be removed by departmental personnel.
  • Students may not share lockers. Each student must check-out his/her own locker. Items in unauthorized/shared lockers will be removed and both students will lose locker access.
  • Only locks issued by the Department of Music are to be used on departmental lockers. Personal locks will be cut-off by departmental personnel at the student’s expense, and the contents will be removed. Lockers should be kept locked at all times, with personal belongings stored inside, rather than above, around, or near your locker. The university is not responsible for lost or stolen property, especially if you fail to lock your locker.
  • All lockers are subject to search at any time by University personnel. Prohibited items that are found in lockers will be surrendered to Campus Police and the student will be reported to the Dean of Students. Prohibited items include but are not limited to drugs, tobacco products, vape products, alcohol, items that may cause harm to the building or its occupants, flammable or combustible items, or items that are not allowed in other campus facilities. Any student with a license to carry a concealed weapon may not store the weapon in a university locker at any time for any reason.
  • Lockers should be kept free of trash or other debris that could attract rodents and pests. Lockers that contain excessive amounts of trash may be emptied at the department’s discretion, and the students’ locker will be revoked upon the third offense.
  • Since lockers are in the main hallways, visible to the public, decorations of any kind (including stickers or decals) are not permitted on locker doors.
  • Neither the Department of Music, nor its representatives (faculty, staff, graduate assistants, or student workers) will, at any time for any reason, allow students to gain access to a locker that has been issued to another student.
  •   By submitting this form, I agree to the terms and conditions described above.

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