Star Nuckolls (2000-2005) Endowment


Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Mr. HALL. Mr. Speaker, the greatest sadness for most of us is the loss of a child, and today I want to honor the life and help preserve the memory of Star Nuckolls of Sulphur Springs, Texas, whose life ended on February 7. Star was four years old. Her life and her struggle captured the hearts of hundreds in her community and throughout the Nation, and today we celebrate the joy and inspiration she brought to so many.

Star was first diagnosed with cancer in June 2004 and received numerous medical treatments during the six months prior to her death. Specialists at MD Anderson Medical Center in Houston performed the necessary surgery and follow-up treatments for a stage four cancer. The citizens of Sulphur Springs and members of the First Baptist Church rallied in support of Star, her parents Steve and Kari, and sister Saylor. Sean Huffman, editor of The Christian News Monthly, wrote and published a moving article about Star and the strength and faith demonstrated by Star's parents.

Star was a beautiful and vibrant young girl who demonstrated a capacity to live with enthusiasm and joy despite her serious illness. She never understood all that was happening to her and certainly could not comprehend the outpouring of support from friends and strangers alike. But her parents did. Their Sunday School class provided groceries so they wouldn't have to shop. Someone mowed their yard every week. Weyerhauser in Dallas donated purple stars with Star's name on them that were sold to help defray out-of-pocket medical expenses. These stars were displayed all around Sulphur Springs in a show of support. Steve and Kari's employer, Farm Bureau Insurance, donated enough to cover a weekly chemotherapy drug that was not covered by their medical insurance. And the prayers that were lifted for Star and her family are countless.

Throughout this difficult time, Kari and Steve demonstrated an unshakeable faith in God and a strength beyond belief. Star may have lost her battle with cancer, but she was victorious in life. Star unknowingly strengthened the faith of her family, brought a community together in love and support, and captured the hearts of many throughout the Nation. As we adjourn today in the House of Representatives, let us do so in loving memory of the life of Star Nuckolls. May her short but remarkable life continue to bless her family and community and all those whose hearts she touched.
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