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MSU Texas Formula Society of Automotive Engineers (FSAE) is a student led organization committed to compete in the international Formula SAE competition. FSAE challenges engineering students from universities around the world to implement what they are learning and to test their boundaries of what they can contribute. Students explore their engineering skills as well as their business and marketing skills in an end-of-project business presentation to sell their racecar. This competition requires teamwork, time management, and academic expertise.

As a campus organization, FSAE is easily accessible to all students, but allows for more involvement than in-class labs and assignments. FSAE also allows opportunities for students to take on leadership roles in team settings, as well as opportunities to explore new fields of study and become more well-rounded as they approach graduation. Your donation would go towards ensuring the team gets access to the most effective materials, parts, and manufacturing processes to bring their designs to life, producing a car capable of competing against the best engineering students around the world.

For more information please contact Dr. Marcy Brown Marsden at or 940.397.4253

MSU Texas Formula SAE