Malpractice Insurance

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MTSU Nursing Student Malpractice Insurance Payment For:

BSN Students 

  • Thank you for paying your BSN malpractice insurance payment.  Please print a copy of the receipt for your records.  Within five (5) business days, you will receive the official receipt to upload to Medatrax from Kim Floyd-Tune.

MSN Students

  • Thank you for paying your MSN malpractice insurance payment. All MSN students are required to pay malpractice insurance for each academic year. 

  • You will need to upload to Medatrax the insurance policy when it is sent via email after payment has been received.  You should receive the policy withing five (5) business days after payment. 

  • All MSN students must complete this task.  The malpractice insurance purchased via MTSU is a nurse practitioner (NP) student policy.  Your professional malpractice insurance will not cover student activities and your student malpractice insurance will not cover any professional activities.  If you have any questions please contact Grace James. 


Malpractice Insurance