Flattops and Fiddles

Flattops and Fiddles
“Just five words describe this album, ‘Good Picking and Good Fiddling.’ The flattop picking by Algie Surratt stands up with the best. I have known him for only a few years, But know him as a man who is constantly self-improving. His work on this album and his high finishes in contests throughout the central south attest to this. When you mention amateur fiddlers in this part of the country, the first one to come to mind is J.T. Perkins. He has won, at least once, nearly all of the prestigious contests held in the central south. The tunes he does on this album bears out the reason. These two friends of mine from the ‘heart of Dixie – Alabama – have put together a good-listening album.” -Howard “Big Howdy” Forrester

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SFR DU 33010