Discovery - The Rebirth of Mississippi John Hurt

On a fateful day in 1963 guitarist, blues fanatic, and inspired roamer Thomas Hoskins rapped on the door of a small house in rural Mississippi. The house was the end of a long, twisted road for Hoskins and the beginning of a new, unknown road traveled with Mississippi John Hurt. His love of blues music and its players, his unencumbered sense of adventure and manic dedication led Tom Hoskins to this modest front stoop in Avalon, Mississippi. Inside the house Hoskins found found an amiable, humble man, who farmed to make a living. John Hurt was surrounded by family and friends. He hadn't owned a guitar in years, and was amazed that a young white man had sought him out 35 years after his last recording sessions. Hoskins gave Hurt his guitar and turned on his reel to reel recorder. The results of the session are now available. These "lost" recordings have never been heard by the general public and provide a window into a period before John Hurt became a professional musician and the most respected songster in the American folk movement. Keep checking back to Spring Fed Records for more information concerning this never published historic recording. Come back. Get Fed.

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