Yoga to Improve Attention and Memory

So how can a physical exercise make me smarter? Let’s look at it this way. Have you ever been “hangry”? Have you heard this word? It's a funny combination of hungry and angry. The very way your mind works is changing because of your stomach! Similarly, the physical side of stress has an effect on your mind. The brain is not an island. It does not happen separately from your body. When you have anxiety in your mind, it reflects in the body. You can take blood pressure, heart rate, or blood tests. In so many ways, medical science shows you how close this relationship is. For many chronic diseases we recognize stress as a cause or as a leading factor. In fact, it is estimated that anywhere from 75-90% of all physician visits are related to stress. Now one aspect of this yoga is the body gets an opportunity to clear out the physical manifestations of stress. The body and mind come to be at ease and get energized. When the body and mind are well rested and energized, you naturally focus well.

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