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They say that as much as 60% of our muscles go generally unused in day-to-day activity. This class teaches a yoga practice that incorporates 95-97% of the muscles in some way. How many fitness classes can say the same? It provides a full body workout and plenty of aerobic exercise that you can learn and do at your own pace. In this class, you learn something called Surya Shakti. This is a dynamic yoga practice for physical fitness and overall wellbeing. Surya means sun, and Shakti means energy. The sun shines bright every day. Whether it’s behind the clouds or not, it’s keeping the whole planet warm. You want that kind of energy. You want your body to be that strong and dependable. Not a problem, not a burden. Every day, it just shines. That is Surya Shakti. Surya Shakti is a holistic process geared towards physical well-being. "Surya" means "sun" and "Shakti" means "energy" This practice aligns the body with the cycles of the sun, putting you in tune with the force that makes life happen on this planet. You learn a yoga practice that you can do on your own. Even though it isn't a requirement, this is a strong foundation for our Surya Kriya class.

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