The American Legal System in Popular Culture

This course is limited to students not regularly enrolled at Chicago-Kent College of Law or Illinois Institute of Technology. It is designed for students visiting from other countries with a limited understanding of or exposure to the American legal system. Students must be fluent in English and able to participate in class discussions and prepare various written assignments, including a five- to seven-page paper at the conclusion of the course.

This three-day course, August 28th-30th, will study the American legal system through the lens of culture. Each day will take a different focus:

U.S. constitutional law and its cultural depictions
U.S. criminal law and its cultural depictions
U.S. civil law and its cultural depictions

Using films and readings as a basis for class discussion, we will explore what makes the U.S. legal system complex and unique. The course will feature a participatory mock trial. Students will be given reading and viewing assignments before, during and after the course to complete the 6 credits.


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