Pleiades 41.2

Pleiades 41.2 is the Fall 2021 Issue of Pleiades. Featuring a special folio: Essays from the Southwestern United States, curated by Toni Jensen, which includes new work from Alfredo Aguilar, Nick Almeida, Kathleen Blackburn, KJ Cerankowski, Joy Clark, Brian Clifton, Beth Lee, Manny Loley, Kailyn McCord, Ruby Hansen Murray, and Sharon Oard Warner. Also featuring a translation folio: Zuzanna Ginczanka, translated from the Polish by Joanna Huss. New work from Austin Araujo, Rebecca Aronson, Taylor Byas, Gina Chung, Robin Gow, Camile Guthrie, Keetje Kuipers, Ananda Lima, Noor Ibn Najam, Andrew Porter, Elizabeth AI Powell, Jake Skeets, Cedric Tillman, Sasha West, Connie Voisine, G.C. Waldrep, and many more!

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