Pleiades Book Review 13.1

Pleiades Book Review 13.1
Introduction: BJ Hollars “A Place to Live: a Call for Literary Citizenship” Feature Reviews: Beth Marzoni, “Violent Mercices: Five New Poetry Collections of Rage & Reckoning; Robert Glick, “In a World Without Dragons: Violence and its Safety Valves”; Alan Michael Parker, “Damn Franzen: on Franzen’s Purity.” Shorter Reviews: Kristina Marie Darling on Devota’s And the Girls Worried Terribly; Colin Rafferty on Slomski’s The Lovers Set Down Their Spoons; John Vanderslice on Blumenthal’s The Greatest Jewish-American Lover in Hungarian History; Katherine Hoerth on Quintanilla’s If I Go Missing; Jennifer Schomburg Kanke on Dawson’s The Small Blades Hurt; Erica Trabold on Gorham’s Study in Perfect; Bruce Whiteman on Char’s Hypnos: Notes from the French Resistance; Jennifer Schomburg Kanke on Hahn’s Brain Fever; Colin Rafferty on Luiselli’s Sidewalks; Brent Newson on Li’s Transoceanic Lights; John Vanderslice on ZoBell’s What Happened Here; Bayard Godsave on Gunnarsson’s The Thaw; Erica Trabold on Cohen’s I Was Not Born; Matthew Hidinger on Hampsey’s Kauffman’s Hill; Bayard Godsave on Smith and Chavez’s Angels of the Americlypse: An Anthology of New Latin@ Writing; Amanda Williams on Dawes’s Duppy Conqueror; Lynnell Edwards on Bachmann’s Do Not Rise; Chioma Urama on Iromuanya’s Mr. and Mrs. Doctor; Shannon Kammerlohr on Gallaher’s In a Landscape; Nathanael Tagg on McGovern’s Bad Fame; Jeremy Allan Hawkins on Shea’s The Lost Novel; M. J. Chrisman on Adnot-Hayes’s The Year of Perfect Happiness; Carol Quinn on White’s Small Porcelain Head; Sean Morrissey on Kocher’s Goodbye Lyric: The Gigans and Lovely Gun; Stephen Tapscott on Collins’s Day Unto Day; Carol Niederlander on PAnkey’s Dismantling the Angel; Jack Smith on Must’s Hush Now, Don’t Explain; Kylie Shepherd on Bar-Nadav’s Lullaby (with Exit Sign).

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